Saturday, October 31, 2009

i heart teaching.

So this post will have two weeks of updates- first on the list... I taught my first lesson!

In my other internships, and in my classes I have written and taught many lessons (too many sometimes). But this was the first time I got to write my own lesson and actually teach it to KIDS! It was pretty exciting. Overall they were very receptive to my lesson and did awesome. They were interested in what we were talking about, worked well together during their group work, and actually completed the assignment. I was pretty nervous at first, but once we got going the first hour it was awesome. As much as I don't love being in charge- I LOVED being in charge. It was great. And I was surprised at how nice it was that they could do things for themselves and we could have actual semi-adult conversations.

Last week I did my internship with a peer of mine observing her teaching. It was pretty interesting. She did a great job teaching her lesson. It was really different for me to be in a different classroom, with different kids, and a different teacher with a completely different teacher style from my teacher. None the less it was a learning experience.

Now I am writing my next lesson that I will teach this week. It might be a little different since we will be playing a game in which they must throw a ball to each other. And yea, they are 8th graders. But we will try it. It may not work, but that wouldn't be the end of the world!

In other school news, in two weeks I am taking the Math OSAT and the OPTE. The OPTE is the last test I have to pass to become certified upon graduation. I am starting to get nervous since it is in 2 weeks and I haven't studied at all... and I don't plan on studying. OH well. Hopefully I already know the stuff.

School is winding down... 3 weeks until Thanksgiving break, 7 weeks until the semester is over and 29 weeks until graduation.

So close...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today I went to my third day of my internship. I just have to say it is so hard to be a kid these days. The things that the kids go through each and every day is amazing to me. I am sure that some of their parents are doing the best they can to raise them, but sometimes (actually) a lot of times it just breaks my heart. Like today. Imagine being in 8th grade, and you have had some issues with another kid in the class. You have every class with this person and you are always getting into arguments. SO the teacher calls both of your parents to let them know what has been going on. As a result, your mom decides she should talk to the teacher in person. So she brings you into school and in the middle of the hallway starts reaming into you about the situation. There you are standing in the hallway with the entire 8th grade and your mom is yelling so loud everyone can hear and to make matters worse you are so frustrated and upset about it you start bawling in the hallway before 1st period.


It just broke my heart. I wanted to go get him and hug him and take him away from the situation. But she is mom and has the "right" to do that. Sadly. this is what happens in a lot of homes. And in some homes kids are dying for their parents to pay that much attention to them that they would actually care to talk to their teacher.

And for a good story. I was able to help a student find a book. He is a Spanish speaking student and told me that he hates to read everything because it is hard and things are different in English than in Spanish. I proceeded to quiz him for about five minutes on things that he likes to do. Which of course was all because I love reading so much and believe so much in how big of a difference it can make in education! So. I finally got him to tell me that maybe he would read something if it was funny. So we found out their library has a Spanish section and got him "Captain Underpants" in Spanish. He promised me he would read it. So we will see! But I was so happy, he actually seemed genuinely excited to read the book!

Needless to say today was one of those days that you remember why you want to teach.

So that was that. Day 3, a success.