Friday, December 23, 2011

Birthday Presents

Because Brynlee loves her birthday present SO much, it now deserves a blog post.

When Brynlee was born I really wanted to buy her the Anywhere Chair from PBK. However, we just really couldn't afford the chair. So we decided to buy her a similar chair for her birthday {the only present that came from us}.
seeing the chair the first time... she kind of went crazy!
so happy!
To say she LOVES this chair is a drastic understatement. At any point in the day Brynlee can be found sitting in her chair. She reads in her chair, plays in her chair and actually sits in the chair to watch movies. It is her very own chair and she is so happy to have it!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter One-derland Part 2

The cake. I think that is the one thing I have been asked about repeatedly all weekend, "what did she do to the cake?"

Overall, she liked the taste but not the mess. {Which is surprising since she will rub yogurt and applesauce up and down her arms no problem.} So at first it was all great. Then when it got all over her hands and face she was over it!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter One-derland Part 1

This weekend we had Brynlee's birthday party! Let me just say it was wonderful! I was really nervous about Brynlee getting overwhelmed and upset with all the extra people {a little over 30} in the house. But she did amazing! Mostly she chased all the big kids around!
For the party we did Winter One-derland. So we had all white foods and cake along with hot chocolate and apple cider. We chose to just do snacks and cake instead of a meal. There is no way we could get people around a table of any sort to really eat. So here are some pictures!
Food: White chocolate pretzels, powdered donuts, oreo truffles, white cheddar popcorn and chips and white queso.
 I picture from each month. Thank you pintrest.
 The cake my friend Laura made! She is super crafty and amazing!
Happy Birthday Brynlee {who is now up from a nap, so the rest will come later!}

Friday, December 9, 2011

One Year

Brynlee Anne-

It happened. Today you had your very first birthday. We had a great day celebrating with some carousel riding at the mall. Tomorrow we will have a nice, big party with the family! 

One year ago today, we were sitting in the hospital trying to get our arms around what had just happened. Less than 12 hours after entering the hospital {because I felt like I was going to die}, you were here. You came in your own time and on your own terms. Something tells me this won't be the only time that happens. 

Since that day we have experienced SO much together; lots of laughter and tears, joy and pain, sleep and no sleep, hugs and kisses, singing and dancing, playing and resting. Each day is a new adventure in our house. That is because of you! Everyday your smile brings a level of joy that does not exist without you. It is impossible to be upset or frustrated when you flash a smile! Your love and joy fill our hearts everyday. 

You are truly a gift from God. We never experienced this kind of love until you were born. What a great reminder each day of the love God has for us and for you! It is a sacrificial love. We pray everyday that you experience this love for yourself and are confident in His love and sacrifice for you.

There are so many things to say, so many things to recall from the past year. All the good times, happy times, sad times, angry times, frustrating times, and unforgettable times can be summed up in a few words from one of our very favorites books: "I love you through and through, yesterday, today and tomorrow too."

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nap Time thoughts

I really SHOULD be cleaning. But I just am not in the mood! So while Brynlee sleeps today, I will do everything BUT that. So this will be a whole lot of random thoughts.

1. We had family pics done a couple weeks ago and they are AMAZING! I had the most ridiculously hard time choosing pics for a christmas card. Here are a few of our favorites...

2. Brynlee is full-fledged walking. She rarely ever crawls! It is so crazy. I CANNOT believe she will be 1 in a week and a half!
3. This week is James' birthday. And let's just say, I did good this year! I feel like he is kind of hard to buy for. But this time I know he will love it! And in case he reads this: it is not something you told me you wanted!

4. Brynlee was a rockstar with the whole tube situation. It was a super quick surgery and she was her normal self in no time. {Although it was weird seeing her "off" like that from the medicine}
5. After a month off, I am back to subbing again. I think it will be a good change of pace again. Nice to get out of the house a bit. And it helps that Brynlee adores her babysitter!

Monday, November 14, 2011


In 11 short months of life Brynlee has had 7 ear infections, 4 of which were double ear infections. So tomorrow we are having tubes put in her ears. Honestly, the decision was a no brainer. My sweet baby girl has had constant trouble with this {since 10 weeks old}. She is perpetually sick {with a cold or sinus infection} because her ears won't drain.

If you think about, would you pray for us tonight or tomorrow morning?? Surgery will be early, early! I know everything will be fine but even so, I am a bit anxious about sending my baby away for surgery! Pray for the doctors to be confident in the steps they are taking to help my baby- and pray for peace for us as we send her off! 

Even with being sick so much she is such a happy girl! She is always laughing, smiling and clapping. I am so thankful that she will not remember the days of being sick and in pain. I am thankful that she has such a delightful spirit {that I am most certain came from her daddy!}. She is such a light to our world- we are lucky to have her in our lives!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Oh chick-pea. I cannot even believe that you are eleven months old! I really am just not ready for this. It is insane to think that in less than a month we will be celebrating one year if you in our lives. Although I miss my baby girl {of course you will always be my baby girl}, I am loving this stage!

You are too much fun to play with! You LOVE to play. Since we have made a play room in the house, this is even better. Your beautiful eyes light up when you get to the door and see all the toys in that room. And it is pretty wonderful to have our living room back! Now, I have to mention that this month you have perfected throwing a fit. You tend to throw your whole body on the floor, face first and attempt to cry. Before it was pretty rare. Lately, it has become more frequent {about half the time when we tell you "no" to something}. Usually we just ignore it and you stop.

This month has been pretty big for you. You have added a few words to your vocabulary: hi, dog and out. But mostly you just say "hi" and wave continuously! It's pretty stinkin' cute! You are still contemplating truly walking. You will take 5-7 steps at a time. I am pretty sure that once you figure out how to stand up without holding on to something, you will be running!
I have missed so much being home with you all day- so now that I am back we are busy planning your birthday party! You still love shopping and hanging out with the fam. We just got back from the lake. There you discovered your love of leaves!

Baby girl we cannot even tell you how much we love you! But we will try!! So glad you aren't too cool for our hugs and kisses yet!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Well Brynlee Anne you did it again- turned another month older.

My baby girl is totally becoming a toddler... bitter sweet. I love you baby girl so much I cannot even explain.

This month has been pretty busy. You are still cruising along, walking around anything you can pull up on. You also love to push anything across the living room so you can walk. You are now standing on your own for a few seconds at a time. You try to take one step to get somewhere but have not been successful yet!

You still weigh 20 lbs. You are definitely growing up now... your legs are even thinning out!! Oh how I will miss those chunky legs! Clothes are a bit of an issue right now since it is still 85 degrees yet you have outgrown all of your summer clothes! So we have been getting creative lately...

This month we have gone to the pumpkin patch, spent lots of time at grandma and grandpas and went on a mini vacay to Kansas City! You also had your first trip to the Fair- the highlight was def. the carousel. Sadly, you also have been sick for the last month with a sinus infection and double ear infection. No fun, but we are working on getting that stuff figured out!

Things you love:
- jumperoo {still}
- playing outside
- cuddling with daddy
- walking, any way possible!
- talking {which has become more like yelling, but we love it!}

We love you chick-pea. You are so happy all the time and love to just play with anyone and anything! Can't wait to see how you continue to grow!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Maternity Leave

There are so many things going on right now. Lots of health issues {not mine, but close family member}, job stuff {for other family members} AND tomorrow I will start subbing for a maternity leave.

I will be teaching Kindergarten at a local elementary. The teacher's due date is not until Oct 1 but she is now on bed rest! So I am starting tomorrow. Depending on when the baby comes I could be subbing anywhere from the end of October to Thanksgiving Break!

Please pray for me during this time. My stress levels are through the roof right now, so I will most definitely need it! Specifically:
-patience with the students and myself with coming into a new classroom
-endurance to have energy each day both for the students and for Brynlee when I get home
-peace of mind in the decision we have made for me to be working the next couple of months
-comfort in knowing Brynlee will be in GREAT hands at all times!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011


Someone is NINE months old today!  I can't believe it! Just the other day we were talking about how miss Brynlee does not seem like a baby anymore... now we are verging on toddler-land! Pretty exciting if you ask me!!

We don't go to the doctor for another week so no official stats. We did weigh at home though and miss chickpea weighs a whopping 22.5 lbs! You are wearing mostly 12 month clothes {some 18 month}. You are still sleeping through the night {9-7} with two naps during the day {unless I am working- then you just stay up all day!}. We constantly hear about how happy you are all the time. You love to play and have fun. Hadlee is still your best friend- you constantly laugh at her, even when she just lays on the floor! And you have four teeth!

Things you love:

Walking- oh man do you love to be up walking around. Sometime we hold your hands and walk around the house. Other times you walk circles around the coffee table and up and down the length of the couch. Of course you still are holding on to things but you are doing it with one hand more and more!
Standing- and this does mean on your own! Usually you only last for a few seconds at a time, but still it is just crazy to me that you can balance on your own for that long! You also love when daddy holds your feet in his hand and you stand up in the air! Kind of scares mommy a bit, but you have been a dare devil since day one, so I don't really question it!
Food- you still love to eat. If we are eating anything, you have to be eating too! You get very upset if we try to eat without you. So for now, you join us at the table and eat whatever you can!

Playing in the kitchen while mommy cooks. I moved everything unsafe to a new location. Now, when I go in to cook, you follow me so I just open the cabinet you can play in!
Buckles- I don't know why, but you have an obsession with buckles! You always find them {on a cart, car seat, high chair}. Usually they end up in your mouth but not until they have gone under inspection!

We cannot even express how much we love you baby girl! You are such a joy each and every day! We love you!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project 52- A Sunrise

This is one of my all time favorite pics! Every time we go to the beach, I make a point to get up one morning to see the sunrise over the ocean. This one is from our honeymoon in Cancun!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I don't really have anything new to talk about here... just felt like maybe I should blog, because I have some time!

Not what you wanted to hear?? Sorry. Just some ramblings that are rolling around in my head.

The school year has officially started here! I loved school growing up and I still love it. There a special smell that a school has... it is distinct and wonderful. This year I have attempted to get a teaching job. But no such luck! There have been maybe 7 postings in our town {which I am only looking here so I don't have to spend time away from my baby girl driving}- and honestly that is 7 more postings than there were last year! So things are looking better. But until I get a job, I am subbing. I had one job lined up before school started, which included the 2nd, 3rd and 4th days of school! Not gonna lie- I was a little nervous to have these adorable 1st graders on their 2nd day of school, but it went great! I am super excited to be back tomorrow and Tuesday!
I officially hit before pregnancy weight about a month ago! I was slightly annoyed it took 7 1/2 months to get it all off- but that's what happens when you gain 45 lbs! I have been running more the last two weeks and it is paying off for sure! I have lost another 5 lbs making me 15 away from my goal.
Can I just say that cancer sucks? There really is no other way to put it.
On a happier note- Brynlee has moved to full-on exploration of our house! Before she would crawl around the living room and maybe venture into the kitchen, but the bedrooms were totally off limits. Not so anymore! She loves going into our bedroom and boy does she move quickly! I love that little chick pea even if she does pinch my skin while eating... her new favorite past time!