Monday, February 28, 2011


This last week has been a little rough...

Last weekend Brynlee started getting really fussy, wasn't sleeping well {suddenly}, was drooling continuously, would go back and forth from nursing constantly to wanting nothing to do with nursing and had {we'll call it} "shrek-like" diapers. Yea, so after like four days of this we took her to the doctor. We saw the doctor on Thursday and she said everything was fine- but she may have gotten a little stomach bug. So I felt better knowing that nothing was really wrong but I didn't really buy it about the stomach bug. Yes, that would explain everything, but for some reason all week I kind of thought Brynlee might be teething. I know crazy- Brynlee was 10 weeks old. You shouldn't get teeth until at least like 4 months!!! But alas, last night my sneaking suspicions were confirmed... Brynlee has at least one tooth coming in on the top!! You can actually see it breaking the gums now!

I just can't believe she is getting teeth already. It makes me feel like she isn't a baby anymore!! I think she is coming through it better now. She slept pretty good last night and has been a little less fussy today! So we will see... I am just sad to see that gummy smile go away!

lovin her bouncy seat- finally!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Show Us Your Life: What you Make

This week on Kelly's Korner it is the theme of "What you make".

Officially- I don't make anything. I do not have an etsy store, I cannot sew, and before I was pregnant would definitely say I am not creative/crafty at all. However, this changed a little when it came to preparing a nursery. Basically I am just good at stealing peoples crafty ideas that they blog about... when all the steps are in front of me {and the list isn't too long} I can duplicate these things.

So I have decided to show you the projects I completed while being pregnant...

1. All flowers for my sister's wedding... her bouquet

 2. A present for the teacher I did my student teaching with...

 3. Fall swag made out of scrapbook paper... for my mom
 4. Fall topiaries for my kitchen table
 5. knobs for Brynlee's dresser
 6. bow holder for Brynlee
 7. Wreath- it was made out of all of the hydrangeas that were originally the bridesmaid bouquets and some centerpieces from my sister's wedding

 8. Paper flowers- also made from scrapbook paper. The first one is in Brynlee's room, the second if one I made for Christmas. 

9. The last thing I made for her room is this canvas sign. It has a blessing from Numbers. My dad used to say it to us each night... probably a post coming later about that one!

I think that is all... kind of. I did make some super cute hurricanes out of a vase and candlestick {got that from a blog too} but alas there is no picture to be found on my computer.

Of course if someone wanted one of these items really bad- I could def. make more... especially the flowers! 

Totally off subject but every time I post a blog I realize how badly I need to re-organize my pictures!! I spend so much time looking through them to find the right stuff... way too much work!

Super excited to see this adorable face tonight!!
she's a very accomplished baker!
Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let's be honest

Can we just talk a minute about what a chunk my daughter is!! Now, of course I love my baby girl- and yes, she is just "healthy" but really...

Let's recap her growth for just a minute...

Born at 8 lbs 8 oz

2 week check-up: back to birthweight
2 month check-up {9 weeks}: 12 lbs 7 oz {she gained 4 pounds!!}
11 weeks: 13 lbs 8 oz {confirmed by the doctor}

I LOVE that she is this way! I can't imagine the trouble and sadness there would be if we were worrying about her gaining enough weight! But let's be honest... she's and adorable little chunk!

Here she is 1 month old... but it's just too cute!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am loving that my baby girl is taking two full naps a day! It is amazing what you can get done in two hours... especially when I know it is coming! 
back in the day when she slept anywhere!
This month at our Wednesday night church we are doing True Love Waits- this is starting great conversations about love and dating with my 8th grade girls... Love them! 

The weather is warm again {today and tomorrow only} so I can go outside without a coat again!

My husband is bringing me Jamba juice for lunch- it has been far too long {considering I had this at least once a week throughout my pregnancy}

banana berry is my fav
My parents live about 2 miles from us and have offered to watch Brynlee every Wednesday night so we can both be involved at church.

My sister and her family {Nathaniel, Grace and baby on the way} ... really they are AMAZING people and get to come this weekend for a visit!
Chicago 2010

Florida 2009
 We love going on vacation with them!! Two years in a row... sadly, this year is out since baby Smith will be coming in April!

My amazing husband... who dealt with an unhappy baby last night so I could go spend time with the other PW's from our church!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Alma Mater

So today at Kelly's Korner we have Show us Your Life- Your Alma Mater

Now, my schooling after high school has been a little crazy. I started out at Ozark Christian College right out of high school! I absolutely loved this school. I played volleyball there and honestly learned more about God, the Bible and myself then I ever thought I would. They have amazing professors that love God and their students on a personal level. Oh how I would love to go back there and take more classes.

Ozark Christian College

volleyball christmas party

James' graduation
After my sophomore year James graduated and got a job in a Chicago suburb. So we moved. Since Ozark was not an accredited school, I spend the next year taking classes online from Tulsa Community College in Tulsa, OK. {This is because they would actually take a lot of my classes, unlike the community college in Chicago that would accept a total of 9 hours our of 60}. So I got my Associate's degree.

Then we moved back to the Tulsa area and I was able to attend Northeastern State University, Broken Arrow Campus. So NSU is my actual Alma Mater. And let me just say, I love this school. I spent two years at NSU completing my degree in Elementary Education. Since it is a commuter campus, I never attended a sporting event, or any type of event outside of Education seminars and such. But, I honestly believe that this school has the most amazing professors for Education in the entire state of Oklahoma. They are WONDERFUL {99% of them} and will do anything to help you out, while teaching you how to be a teacher. The school of Education firmly believes in teaching through example and experience. My experiences at NSU were wonderful, honestly, much better than I ever expected! So thank you NSU for a wonderful two year experience and teaching me how to be a highly effective teacher!

Northeastern State University College of Education

completing my "trying something new project: cross stitch

visiting a local historical place for Social Studies class: Totem Pole Park

working on our "Wii in the Classroom" project
Oh how I love Elementary Education projects... lots of fun times from my time at NSU!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I Am Loving Wednesday

Today there are many things that I am loving

That this little cuddlebug has decided to start taking 2 hour naps in her crib {and this is after sleeping 10 hours straight last night!} 

The snow is melting and it is getting warmer which means I can run again with my new fancy shoes!

Tonight we are finally have GLIMPSE again... and I get to go {thank to my mom watching Brynlee}. I have missed my group!

And last but not least- my Valentines present which always includes pink and red Mike and Ikes {usually James has to separate them from a regular box, but they got smart and make a new box that is just pink and red!}
Have a GREAT Wednesday!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

So just for Valentines day and in honor of my amazing husband- we will visit Valentines days of old. We figured that we have been together for 7 valentines days {which seems like a ton!}. This also made us both feel kind of old because we have been married almost 5 years {although you would think the idea that we have a child would cause the same emotion...} So here goes... hopefully I have a picture from each year.

Actually I don't have one from the first year because that was pre-digital camera. So instead here is a picture from around that time that I have scanned in...
2004: dating 2 months
{sorry so blurry} 2006: dating 1 1/2 years/engaged

2007: married 9 months
2008: living in Chicago
2009: back in Owasso

2010: don't have one from this year, so this is from my sister's rehearsal dinner

2011: married 4 years, 9 months/ Brynlee: 9 weeks
Brynlee had a super cute Valentines day outfit that she wore to church yesterday! I only got a picture on my phone {before she had a blowout diaper that ended up on my friend Laura}. So the one of her sleeping in it will have to do! She had these adorable pants, a pink sweater, red fuzzy socks and a red and white bow!

Happy Valentines day everyone!