Saturday, February 6, 2010

I missed another Friday blog. I have not been good at this. But this week has been crazy at school for me. We celebrated a holiday each day, had conferences, and now my entire semesters worth of work is due at NSU on Tuesday. So I have an excuse. I am not sure what my topic is supposed to be, but a blogger I read recently did a post on Simple Pleasure. So I will copy her.

Simple Pleasures

cherry coke

cuddling with my puppy

spending a day off with both James and I in the house working


the beach (not so simple since it takes 17 hours to get there... but a real pleasure none the less)

walking in to a warm house

the entire family being in one house

the blinds and doors up and open on a warm summer day

watching James play with out nieces and nephews

having no homework

favorite song playing on the radio

running in 90 degree weather

I think that's it for now! Even making this list kind of helped my mood a little! And now off to one of my new Simple Pleasures.... ZUMBA!!