Friday, May 4, 2012


Lately we have been going on a lot of walks, going to the zoo, playing soccer and generally living outside! I am not a huge fan of 80-90 degree weather in April, but I love that we can spend the whole day playing outside! Brynlee is definitely much happier that way. It will be a sad day when it is too hot to prop the door open for her to play inside or outside- whatever she wants.
Brynlee has added a ton of words to her vocabulary lately. Among the new words are, "watch" "walk" "up" and officially saying mommy and daddy again. It is pretty funny because mommy is actually nommy and when she says daddy she always yells it. Usually it is in the same tone that I may yell say "James" from across the house.
Oh and my least favorite new word: "no". I was so excited when we breezed by her first birthday without her every uttering this word. What makes it even worse, she is completely sweet when she says it. She doesn't yell, or scream or even say it with any conviction. I will say "bath time is over" and in the sweetest, most passive voice you can imagine she says "no" and pushes my hands away. I have a feeling this won't last very long. Once she realizes her sweet disposition is not getting her what she wants, it may change. All that to say: she is growing up way to fast. But who am I to complain- everyone warned me this would happen...
We are gearing up for the busiest season of our year. And by us, I really mean James. He is typically gone anywhere from 4-8 weeks throughout the summer with multiple evening events on the weeks he is actually home. I don't know how some wives/mothers do it with husbands who travel all the time. Summers tend to be a little lonely with him traveling so much and spending so much time with students. But it is just a season of the year. Then things will calm down a bit when Fall rolls back around- that is unless I am able to get a job this year!