Friday, July 29, 2011

Grace's 3rd Birthday

So yes, this was a month and a half ago, but oh well!

For Grace's birthday party we all went over to Fayetteville to hang at the Smith's. We hung out, ate and went bowling! It was super fun... so here are the pics!

mesmerized by the lights
it was a strike!    

We all had a super fun time and decided we should go bowling more often!! Oh and Grace beat my dad and sister...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I guess I could blog

Of course there are always a nice list of things to be doing... but these days I find myself having a lot of extra time! I guess it isn't exactly EXTRA time, but time I haven't had since before Brynlee was born.

So here's the deal. Before James left for a youth trip about 2 weeks ago he began some hardcore sleeping bootcamp with Brynlee. Basically his goal was for her to be sleeping through the night before he left. She had been waking up 2 times each night and was still not taking any naps at all.

So for three nights he was up in the middle of the night for about 2 hours, trying to get her to go back to sleep without nursing. He is pretty amazing, especially since he made it possible for me to sleep through the entire ordeal each night! So the night they left it was my turn. For two nights she woke up and cried for 30 minutes and went back to sleep. Then on the 3rd night she slept from 9-9 without waking up! It was pretty amazing. She has been doing awesome. Sometimes she wakes up but only for a few minutes before she is back down!

And the other amazing thing... since she has been sleeping through the night, she is also napping. Which is why I have so much extra time! She takes at least one nap for a couple of hours, sometimes twice a day!

So I get to clean, workout, take a shower and basically just not be stressed out all the time! Sleeping is a wonderful thing!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lake Days

I am pretty positive I have spoken often of my desperate attempt at going on vacation this year... and while a week long trip to the beach won't be happening, we did get a mini-vacay thanks to a wonderful, generous family from our church!

she looks SOOO big!
They were so wonderful to let us ALL stay at their lake house for a few days! So us, mom and dad, Abigail {tyler had camp} and the Smith clan went to the lake for a couple of days. We hung out, rode on the boat and I think everyone's favorite part was the jet skis! I could have stayed on those the entire time!! {not really a budget friendly way to spend the day though!}
 It was so so nice to just hang out... not worrying about laundry or dishes or much of anything! It was also really nice to have some uninterrupted time with James since he is gone again {for 8 days}. I am also thankful for my parents who let us crash on their getaway!
I love my family and had a blast just hanging for a time together!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



I really can't believe you are 7 months old! The crazy thing is that now, instead of working up to being six months old, you are going towards 1 year! Crazy! Well, let's start with some stats... You are just over 19 pounds and 26{ish} inches long. You wear 6-12 months and size 3 diapers. 

You are sitting up {even in the crib in the middle of the night... kinda freaked your daddy out on that one}. Crawling is a new found love. You are faster now, so army crawling is out the window. And you have been trying to pull yourself up all over the place!

Some things you love...
- the water
- remotes
- Hadlee {our puppy}
- your jumperoo
- swinging

You are starting to have issues with strangers. You can go from laughing and smiling to all out panic and crying in about a second. This is no fun. You are such a happy girl. Unless you are hungry or tired you love to laugh and play! You have the absolute sweetest smiles that will light up any room! You have even taken a couple of naps recently! Mommy really loves this, so keep it up!

Let's talk about food. It is not your favorite. So far you have had some mashed carrots, bananas, lettuce and ham. You actually ate some of the ham but showed your disgust the entire time! So we are still just nursing. We give you some food when it seems like a good idea but not on any type of schedule or pattern! We will just try things as we go until you start to like it!

This month you took two trips, one to Branson {to a water park} and one to the lake! You did pretty well, although sleeping was a little rough! But that's okay!
We love you so much chick pea! You are so precious and bring joy to us each and every day!