Friday, November 13, 2009

wednesday = fight day

So this week we had another fight. This time it was not so successful. Seeing as how the fight started in the hallway right before lunch- every single 8th grader was out there and could not be stopped from running to "help." It was pretty frustrating because while my clinical faculty was frantically calling security I was frantically calling the office- neither of which were answering. Meanwhile 120 8th graders are fighting in the hallway.

I ever thought teaching would be easy, but this whole fighting business is getting old. I know it has a lot to do with their age and even more to do with their circumstances outside of school, but I just don't know. I left Wednesday thinking that I could not be at that school each day. Then I was reminded that I was at a school just like that every day for four months- and loved it. So maybe its different when you know the kids better and have a different relationship with them?

I have two days left at my internship. Only one of them is a Wednesday. If there is another fight, I might go crazy.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

This week at my internship was very interesting. I taught my second lesson. And while the lessons went well in each class, all of the time in between the lessons was crazy.

First- teacher drama. Let's just say, I am not naive enough to think that there will not be drama among teachers, but seriously. Sometimes it is so ridiculous. I just wanted to tell a few people that they should grow up and deal with it. But I didn't. Instead, I just didn't say anything- which seems to be working.

Second- fight. Yes. There was a fight. I have always wondered how would I react in a scary situation at school. This week I found out. There was a small fight in our hallway. It seemed to be broken up by a few teachers, when out of nowhere one student decides he's not done. So he takes off chasing the other kid toward my classroom. Since it is in between classes this meant that every other student in the hallway (about 60) was also running towards me. I had the fleeting thought that something bad was going to happen. So I immediately closed the door, pretended like nothing was happening in the hallway and began class. Much to my surprise the students already in class trusted me to get class started and cooperated even though the bell had not rung. Essentially when my teacher came in ten minutes later (with a few more students) the students in class had no idea there had even been a fight. I was feeling pretty good about this. Maybe I can do this- even in Middle School.

Last- I was sick. I woke up feeling okay, but by the start of 1st hour I was losing it. I was tired, had a headache and had a growing stomachache. Although nothing serious is wrong, I felt BAD. But it was okay. I was able to teach the lessons and the student's learned...even though I felt like I wasn't making any sense at all.

Countdown- 2 weeks until Thanksgiving break... 3 more weeks until end of semester... 1 more week until Christmas (and yes, Christmas decorations are up!)