Friday, January 29, 2010

फैशन टिप्स.... नोट सो मच.

so for some unknown reason when I write a title for my blog it immediately goes to Japanese or maybe Chinese? I have looked all over my blog for where I can change this setting, but no luck. So yea. good luck reading the titles.

I hate hate hate being sick. I have been sick all week- big cold/sore throat/cough. I have not had a fever which is good. But I have not been feeling great. I really don't want to be sick because Elizabeth, Nathaniel and Gracie will be here soon- I would like to actually hang out with them without the threat of making them sick!

So I completely took over in school this week. It was a little rough. Monday the kids were just crazy (according to my teacher: it was the weather). Tuesday was great! They were awesome and I think they actually learned from my lessons. Wednesday was okay. They had crazy moments but overall it was a good day. By Thursday I had pretty much lost my voice so I did not teach at all. It just wasn't going to happen. Today we are out because of the weather.

It's icy and snowy. A good time for a day off. I needed a day off to rest and hopefully get over this sickness.

I was supposed to blog about fashion tips, but I don't really have any. I take fashion advice from almost anyone so yea. That's that.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

फ़ूड फिघ्ट्स एंड वेइघ्त loss

Okay. I know it is not Friday, and that is when I am supposed to be doing this blogging business. But tomorrow I have a seminar and will be in Tahlequah. Anyways, not sure I will get to it. So I am being proactive and doing it today.

Before I get into this weeks topic. I must ask a very important question. Where do K-2nd graders get the idea to have a food fight. A PLANNED food fight. Not like one person got mad and threw their food and so everyone else joined in. But like one kid decided "hey, we should have a food fight at lunch." Yea. Apparently the students at our school. They had a food fight yesterday. And in return they had to write sentences for the duration of recess. Sad.

Unfortunately, I have to write about weight loss tips and workout ideas. Which really I should just be collecting them. I need some tips and ideas. I do pretty good at working out on a regular basis: zumba twice a week and running a 2-3 days a week. However, I am BAD at eating healthy. I tend to eat whatever I want whenever I want. I have been trying to eat less. One blog recently gave the idea of eating everything on a smaller plate. So I may try that. I think the only other thing I have tried is brushing my teeth right after I eat dinner. This works because I find the task of brushing my teeth thoroughly annoying. So if I do it once, I will not eat something if it means I will have to do it again. Not really sure what else to do. In the last seven months I have lost 15 pounds. I guess it's decent, but I lost 10 of those in two months, then nothing for four months and five in the last month. The next goal is 15 pounds before Abigail's wedding on June 12th. Seriously, this should not be that hard.

Friday, January 8, 2010

So a blog I frequently read has listed specific topics to blog about each Friday. Since I am just starting to actually blog, this sounded like a perfect idea. Although I don't really make New Years Resolutions, that is todays topic. I have thought about the things I would like to accomplish and get better at in the next year, so here goes in no particular order...

1. Become a teacher. I graduate in May with my Elementary Education degree from NSU, so it will happen. I guess my real goal would be to actually find a job. With all of the budget cuts and freezes this is not looking super promising. But I will try.

2. Be a better friend. I have some awesome friends! However, I feel like the only time I get to see them is on Sundays at church and then Sunday nights for small groups. There are reasons for this since they both have children under the age of 3 and I have been crazy busy with school. But in the next year and coming months I need to make more time to just be with them!

3. Be a better Christian. I don't know exactly what this looks like yet. I know I need to become more regular in spending time with God. And with my new schedule that is happening, and it needs to continue. I think it also includes spending time with God and my husband at the same time... things like praying together and doing some quiet times together. This leads me to the next one...

4. Be a better wife. Since we moved back to Oklahoma our schedules have been crazy... seemingly opposite. But we need to do better at spending time with each other- without the TV on and computers on our laps.

5. Lose 30 pounds. Okay. I don't think I have actually told anyone that one before. The main reason for this is to be at a healthy weight for my height. Also, I know that in the next year or two we will start trying to have kids. I would like to be at a healthy weight before getting pregnant so that I am more likely to stay that way throughout.

I think that covers everything. I guess that wasn't so bad. I might be able to do this blogging thing after all.