Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brynlee Anne 16 months

Brynlee Anne is now 16 months old! My how time flies! It's crazy... so here is what she is up to these days:
She is constantly repeating words. I don't even think I could write a comprehensive list without missing something! My favorites right now are when she says "back" to Hadlee and kick or walk. Mostly she asks to go on a walk about 25 times a day. Oh and my absolute favorite thing is when she just says one word right after another like she is practicing or looking for a response from anything! 
chatting it up with miss Aurora
She still weighs around 25lbs and is 32 inches. Brynlee is wearing mostly 18-24 month clothes. That is in everything but shorts, in which we are wearing 2T and 3T. That's a diaper booty for ya! 
She is still a pro at sleeping. Although right now her naps are different each day- there is still a nap! So I am thrilled with that. Plus, she sleeps 12 hours every night. 
cleaning the brownie batter off the spoon! Don't tell daddy
We play outside ALL day, every day! Most days I prop the back door open and leave it {unless it gets too hot}. She loves playing with Hadlee, kicking the soccer ball all over the backyard, and playing with bubbles! 
She is growing up so fast and while it is sad, I really love it. I love that she will sit on our laps and watch movies or read books. I love love love the way she puts her hands out when she wants to be held! She is one special little lady! 

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  1. In the first picture, it looks like she is shouting "the plane!" or something up at the sky! Makes me laugh! :-)